Our Services

Bulkmatech believes in longterm relationships with clients country-wide. The first half of these relationships are built on supplying quality machinery that we customized and applied correctly to your specific requirements.  

Our backend service delivers the balance of our client relationship. Servicing waste management machinery is key to longevity. 

Onsite Service and Repair

We have teams of dedicated technicians to come to you to repair your system on site. We aim to keep the down time of the system to a minimum by offering a quick response time to your call out.

Offsite Service and Repair

Should the nature of the repair not allow us to carry out the repair on site we will arrange for the unit to be transported to our factory for the repair or refurbishment. We have the necessary infrastructure and equipment to make up the parts that may be needed in house.


Our service team that will come to your site to service your waste compactor.

The aim of the service is to keep the system in good running order and to try and find faults before they happen thus reducing the chances of a breakdown. 

As a brief summary the service covers:

  • Lubricating the moving parts and grease points 
  • Replacing of the filters 
  • Replacing / topping up of the hydraulic oil 
  • Checking the electrics and hydraulic components


We carry the common parts in stock, if we do not have the part with us we will get it from our workshop or order and collect it from our supplier, whichever is the fastest option.

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

We have a specialized compactor deep cleaning and sanitizing unit. 

Due to our broader limitation on what we can do to the waste compactor in terms of the health and safety act we are able to open the compactor and get to areas where most are not able to. We also know which areas require cleaning to reduce the odors coming from the compactors. 

We make use of specialized high pressure cleaners and a hot box to steam clean the units along with the most effective chemicals and trained staff. 

Should we cause any water damage to the system from our service we will repair it at no cost to you. 

We offer this service as a once off or on a routine bases at a reduced cost.

Contact us for all your maintenance and deep cleaning needs