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Bulkmatech is South Africa’s Leading Supplier of Balers,
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The Reasons Our Clients Choose Bulkmatech Compactors and Bailers

  • Enhance your company’s green efforts.  

By more efficiently managing the trash inside your company, you will be stepping up your environmental efforts which will get noticed by staff and customers as well. Today’s companies are expected to be green.

  • Save space. 

Compacting your trash makes it less bulky and easier to dispose of. Trash compactors crush your waste into smaller, more manageable cubes or bales. Un-compacted trash can take up precious space that could be used for other equipment or processes.

  • There is a trash compactor suitable for your unique situation. 

Bulkmatech has a wide variety of trash compactors and equipment, such as both indoor and outdoor compactors, liquid tight compactors, stationary compactors, self-contained compactors, and more. We have compactors that are suitable for many different spaces and applications.

  • Save money in fuel, time, and transportation.  

When you use a trash compactor, you can reduce the amount of trips you take to the dump or landfill, saving you in fuel, time and transportation costs.

  • Reduce the problems that come with dumpsters

Dumpsters can lead to many problems such as employee safety, employee pilferage, or misuse of the dumpster by neighbors or passer-bys. A trash compactor minimizes accidental spills or the wind catching trash that can happen with traditional dumpsters. Loose trash can also create more problems with smells and varmints.

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A Selection of Clients that Choose Bulkmatech Products to help Manage their Waste

Property Groups:

  • JHI property
  • Motseng Investment Holdings
  • City Property
  • Old Mutual Investment Group
  • Broll
  • Liberty Property Group
  • Growthpoint Properties
  • Orion Facilities Manager

Chain Stores

  • Pick ‘n Pay (National)
  • Makro (National)
  • Builders Warehouse (National)

Recycling/Waste Companies

  • Skipwaste
  • Waste Group
  • Interwaste
  • Don’t Waste Services
  • Lothlorien
  • Smart Waste
  • Envirowaste
  • Enviroserv


  • Clinic Selby
  • JHB General Hospital
  • Cosmo Hospital Witbank

Gauteng Shopping Centers

  • Eastgate Shopping Center
  • Northgate Shopping Centre
  • Sandton City
  • Westgate Shopping Centre

Durban Shopping Centers

  • Chatsworth Centre
  • The Workshop Centre

Witbank Shopping Centers

  • The Ridge Casino
  • Highveld Mall

Nelspruit Shopping Centers

  • Savannah Mall
  • Nelspruit Plaza

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