Are you handling your waste material correctly and cost effectively?

Bulkmatech (Pty) Ltd have been supplying, manufacturing and servicing waste disposal systems to cater for the needs of residential, commercial and industrial markets for over 20 years. Their expertise in this field have been applied to solutions both in South Africa and overseas.

The importance of effective and efficient waste management and handling should not be underestimated in terms of cost and environmental impact. Not only does proper waste management have an aesthetic and hygienic effect, when it comes to waste recycling, employing waste equipment such as waste compactors and waste balers which are used in the preparation of materials for both recycling and reducing volumes that reach waste dumps is essential.

Bulkmatech supply a comprehensive range of waste compacting equipment suited to handling different volumes and types of waste material. The waste compactor, manufactured in South Africa to high industry standards is based on a successful Swiss design which is modern and technically advanced, utilising materials of high quality. Complimenting Bulkmatech’s waste compactors are their waste balers which are effective in condensing dry recyclable waste materials into bales suitable for delivering to recycling plants.

Compacted waste, reduce the volume of waste to be transported to dumping sites and prepares recyclable material for cost effective shipment of recycling material to plans by being able to move greater weight per volume of waste.

Do you have the best support for your waste management equipment?

In addition to providing high quality waste management compacting and baling equipment, Bulkmatech (Pty) Ltd undertake feasibility studies to assess and determine the most appropriate waste management system a client would need. Should standard equipment not be suitable for a client’s needs, Bulkmatech will provide custom made equipment. Bulkmatech’s service doesn’t end once a sales or rental agreement is in place. They have highly trained service teams providing efficient back-up support and quick response in the event of a breakdown or equipment failure. This service is not restricted solely to equipment supplied by Bulkmatech but can also be extended to other makes of equipment.

Being proactive and preventing equipment failure is always the best practice. Bulkmatech’s service teams work on site to keep the system in good running order and try and find and rectify faults before they cause a breakdown. The service team will routinely lubricate all moving parts, replace filters, replace or top up hydraulic fluid and check all electrics and hydraulic components. With quality solutions, expert back up and efficient support, you should give Bulkmatech a call and discuss your waste management equipment requirements with them.


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